👤 About 

Bep Dhaliwal - Founder

Award winning Resilience Coach, Facilitating Conversations that matter, NLP Practitioner, MHFA, Online Coach

My corporate and personal experiences have taught me many life altering lessons. The one I hold most dearly is that we must first understand ourselves, in order to successfully engage with the world around us, and walk the path we desire.

With over 20 years of corporate experience I use this experience to create successful programs that drive lasting impact. I'm passionate about creating safe spaces for Conversations that matter.

Empowering people to understand themselves, so they can move forward in their lives, is my ultimate goal. We all have the resources within us to achieve our potential, sometimes we just need a guide to walk with us and to help us see this from an alternative perspective, to understand our unique strengths and what we are capable of.

This passion to empower others is what has ultimately led me to set up a business based on building the right connections, that enable us to understand individual/workplace challenges in a way that enables growth in a resilient way.

Our core values of integrity, empathy and drive are at the heart of all that we do. Outside of work I am incredibly proud of my Indian heritage and the diversity that brings. I’ve experienced a few major life challenges, including cancer and this has enriched my view of life in an incredibly passionate, compassionate way so I’m driven to use my strengths in a meaningful way with others and to have some fun along the way.

I work with a number of different practitioners on a number of different projects so connecting the right people to support you is at the core of how we operate. If you’re interested to know how we can help, please get in touch.

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