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5 March 2024
Kindness vs Cancer

Empowering people through self-awareness and compassion is something we are truly passionate about. When I was asked to lead this campaign around Kindness and Cancer the synergy was inspiring - to make a difference in the world of Cancer that benefits patients and oncology teams. After months of research, and another cancer diagnosis for myself, […]

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4 February 2024
World Cancer Day 2024

Cancer - it's reach is immense. This past year, I've seen its impact personally on my body, when I was diagnosed with an inoperable tumour in my bowel in June 2022. 9 rounds of immunotherapy later, a bowel resection, numerous scans and the emotional turmoil of a 3rd diagnosis.......and here I am. Now actively involved […]

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15 November 2023

DEAR AUNTIJI - DO YOU KNOW THE SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS OF BREAST CANCER? We know that South Asian communities struggle to talk openly about Breast Cancer and also acknowledge how culturally, it can feel a bit awkward to have these chats with your loved ones, particularly with those in the older generations. Over 40% of […]

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4 February 2023
World Cancer Day 2023

The disparity in care in the Cancer world and in healthcare generally is so challenging to navigate and accept, especially when there comes a time when it impacts you or people close to you. The 'Close the Care gap' theme in the Cancer community worldwide continues this year. As the team behind World Cancer Day […]

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4 February 2022
The reality, the truth, it’s time to share

Cancer – The Disease that we fear, the disease that takes, but also gives. On this World Cancer day, I wanted to share some insights from those that have also walked the Cancer path to raise awareness and to instil courage. Courage to not ignore signs/symptoms, you know your body better than anyone else, if […]

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18 July 2021
The Power Of Words

As part of my ongoing development I’m studying to become an Ollie Coach with the ‘Ollie and his superpowers’ School of training, where we are developing our emotional resilience skills to work with children as well as adults, and to empower them to be able to manage their emotions in a way that is appropriate […]

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14 June 2020
Don’t Be Strong

This was an article I wrote for International Women’s Day, 2020. It’s as relevant to women as to men and to anyone who needs to hear this message today. I’m going to make a stand and encourage YOU to pause, to slow down and to not feel you have to keep going and be strong […]

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14 June 2020
Resilience – 5 To Thrive

Acknowledgement and acceptance of the emotions that are present. The situation that has presented itself. You don’t need to know how to deal with it, but acknowledgement is key to be able to move forward. Control – accepting loss of control in some areas, but working out what you do have control over. What could you influence? In which […]

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23 April 2020
The Secret Ingredient to Resilience

A simple shift of focus that will support your resilience We all wish to be more resilient. To know that if life turns our world upside down, that we’d be able to cope. Too often we’re living in fear of what might happen and not really appreciating and valuing the life we actually lead right […]

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11 February 2020
What will it take?

Receiving my own cancer diagnosis, almost a year to the day after my husband’s diagnosis was the BIGGEST wake up call of my life! I thought I was invincible. I had just nursed him through Cancer, we were broken. Life as we knew it, had been turned upside down. To then be told I had […]

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