15 November 2023


We know that South Asian communities struggle to talk openly about Breast Cancer and also acknowledge how culturally, it can feel a bit awkward to have these chats with your loved ones, particularly with those in the older generations.

Over 40% of our community don’t self-check regularly, and 30% don’t attend or know about breast screening programs. This leads to later diagnosis and poorer outcomes with increased mortality from breast cancer in the South Asian community. Kreena and Toral set up the South Asian Supernovas to raise awareness of breast cancer, self-checking and routine screening to ensure we are diagnosed earlier which means to improved treatment and outcomes.

So to help break the ice, the South Asian Supernovas have created this campaign to help you to have these important conversations. Our aim is to ensure that you, your Auntiji, Masiji, Mamiji, whoever really - sees the faces that they can resonate with, hear the voices that they trust and learn more about this disease in a way that works for our community.

South Asians form the largest ethnic minority community in the UK and we think it's about time that our voices are heard and our faces are seen.

We know that you don't want to sit and watch videos of women in bras and underwear with your elders when it comes to Breast Cancer - so here we are - Fully clothed, reminding you of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, the importance of routine screening and self-checking, and how knowing your normal could just save your life.

We know the power of our family Whatsapp groups and would love for you to share this campaign and video with them. Please paste this post into your family WhatsApp group and together lets start a movement where we can save the lives of the people we love.

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